Monday, June 16, 2008

Contents Under Pressure By Ray D'Alonzo

You may have cheered for him when he ran the Air Force Marathon to raise money for Conquer Chiari, now you can read his whole, amazing story. From wheelchair to marathon, Ray's story will inform, inspire, and raise money to fight Chiari.Learn More Or Purchase This Book: Contents Under Pressure (2nd Edition)(Note, this book is offered through Clicking on this link will take you off the Conquer Chiari website. Conquer Chiari is not responsible for the content of the site linked above.)"In publishing this book, I am trying first and foremost to increase the general awareness of Chiari. All to often, Chiari is unrecognized, misdiagnosed or dismissed. Second, Chiari patients who read this book will undoubtedly validate many of their own symptoms and come to realize that they are not alone nor crazy. Third, patients must understand that recovery from decompression surgery and the syndrome itself if often very protracted but with time, the body's remarkable ability to adapt and repair itself, and a little self perseverance, hope exists for many (unfortunately, not all) who continue to suffer. Finally, 100% of all the royalties from this book are paid directly to the Conquer Chiari campaign to support research and patient/health care provider education programs." Raphael D'Alonzo, AuthorAbout The Author: Raphael D’Alonzo, Ph.D., is a former Associate Director of Research and Development at Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals where he has worked for over 31 years and led research programs in bone metabolism, infectious disease, respiratory disease, arthritis, and nutrition. He has published scientific papers on a wide variety of topics from the chemical composition of fats and oils to the pharmacoeconomics of osteoporosis. Dr. D’Alonzo is the recipient of the Chancellor’s Medal from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in part, for his contributions to the development of new pharmaceutical agents. Since decompression surgery, he has made a personal effort to increase the awareness of Chiari in the health care sector and to assist others afflicted with the syndrome. He founded the Cincinnati Chiari Support Group in 2000 and serves on the research committee of Conquer Chiari. He has three children and two grandchildren and resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his wife, Marilyn.Editor's Note: Ray has generously agreed to donate 100% of his royalties to the Conquer Chiari Campaign, however the opinions expressed in "Contents Under Pressure" are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the C&S Patent Education Foundation.
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