Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Prayer Day"for Chiarians'

Hello to all, today June 1st we are planning our first "international" prayer day for all of us with Chiari Malformation, and our families. Asking help to guide us through the daily dealings with this condition. All we ask is that at some point throughout your day today, you say a prayer for us. I know that we ALL have different believes, but I do daily give thanks for all I have in MY life, good friends, wonderful family, and ..... good medical care !!!!! And I know that SOMEONE is listening ...... LOL (maybe the neighbours) Seriously though, the more we work together, and educate about this condition ..... perhaps we can save some pain in the future. Thanks for your time, today and ALWAYS. If you wish more info on Chiari Malformation one of the many sites is www.conquerchiari.org Hope this finds all of you enjoying the day, and a smile. thanks again, sandra

Please direct your prayers to our friend Keesha!


Cure Syringo said...

Great idea! Prayers for all.

I believe September is now Chiari Awareness month! Education & awareness is growing. Kudos to everyone for making this happen.

Dianna said...

It's so great to see all the Awareness Chiari is finally recieving. Looking forward to be a part of walk across america
and our local support group is
honored to be the
Arizona sponsor for this event.

Barrow/St.Joes rehab support group

Please join us....