Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recap of Sept 2010 Meeting

Hi everyone!

We had a very good attendance at our first "fall meeting"......... about 12-15 people, including two new members! We were happy to welcome Crystal and Rachel and as always it is great to finally realize that you are not the only one fighting this battle. In fact our Az Syringo and Chiari Support Group is here to help you!

Our medications discussion was very informative and helpful and many of us use the same medications, for totally different reasons, with different results. Also, I for one, found some alternatives to some of the medications I use and I plan to mention these to my doctor at my next appointment, as possible replacements. Very interesting indeed!!

One alternative brought to our attention, was found out of necessity, due to spasms and neuropathic pain. Crystal discovered a natural alternative, Xango Mangosteen juice. She explained that this fruit's juice is an extreme antioxidant which reduces inflammation, the root of all pain. She has had such successful results from Xango Mangosteen juice that she has been able to eliminate almost all of her previous medications. At a future date, Crystal will talk more about how this natural alternative has helped her.

Another topic of discussion was the scheduling of meetings and at our next meeting, October 21 we will vote on the items listed below:
Continue with monthly open forum meeting and have speakers quarterly
Have every other month meetings
Continue with monthly meetings, but hold them in a "round robin" approach, meeting in various parts of the state, ex- have a meeting in the Verde Valley area, Payson area, Flagstaff area, Tucson area .Have Syringo & Chiari Support Group, will travel!

Support Group participation

Also, it was suggested that we rotate the responsibility of conducting a meeting (organizing, writing, announcement, phone reminders, leading the meeting, and perhaps securing a speaker.

We want to hear from all of you. Please email azsyringochiari@cox.net and let us know your thoughts and concerns.

Implentations will be next- we are open to any/all suggestions.

See you next month,

Shelley and AZ. Syringo & Chiari Support Group

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