Thursday, February 10, 2011

January Recap and February 17th Reminder!!


Well it looks like we cried wolf! But what a meeting we had!!!! Our attendance was outstanding, the energy was high and the conversation was flowing like water.....Would our meeting had been better with the Clinical Nurse to Dr. Peter Nakaji, Joanie Cacciola, maybe yes maybe no.....

BUT>>>>>> Guess What??? You can be the judge as Clinical Nurse, JOANIE for Dr. Peter Nakaji, is definitely COMING to our meeting on FEBRUARY 17 MEETING. She called Monday after our meeting and apologized for missing our meeting, but they were indeed hectic. They had three patients left when she was to come over to our meeting. Dr. Nakaji felt the patients came first, image that. At any rate, Dr. Nakaji is out of town that day, 2/17, so no clinic for them. And she would like to come to our meeting for sure.

So mark your calendar and rrrrrreeevvv up your motors and get back out for the February 17 meeting!!! We have already asked her if she would field a few questions and she said she would do her best.

Again, we would like to have a good showing. We know that many of you work and will have a hard time getting away again, but we would certainly appreciate it if you would give a try. Also for those who did not make the last January meeting, February 17 is your chance to make up lost time.

Finally for all of you who attended the January meeting thank you. We had one of our best meetings ever!!! Everyone was hyped and ready to meet Joanie and asked a few questions. You all were magnificent!!! Thank you for coming out in a show of support for our AZ SYRINGO & CHIARI SUPPORT GROUP!!


Thursday, February 17th
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
St Joseph's Outpatient Rehab
(S/W Corner of Thomas and 1st Ave.)
Conference Rm

Thank you,
Shelley & Kathie

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